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OREGON’S MAIN STREET: U.S. HIGHWAY 99, The Folk History is a collection of some of the more interesting and obscure happenings, remembrances and legends of the communities along the highway. A few of the basic progressions, as well as some of those which are not often talked about but still involved the whole state as we transitioned into our current life are included.

The combined talents of historian Pat Edwards and story-teller Jo-Brew lead us from the California State Line north through the Siskiyou Mountains, west along the Rogue River Valley, north again through the Umpqua River Valley and then through the Willamette River Valley to the Columbia River and the border with the state of Washington. From early statehood, through a depression and two World Wars, Highway 99 was our main connection to our neighbors, and then links to the rest of the country. This sampling of events from those times are meant to stimulate interest, understanding and encourage the reader to learn more.


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OREGON’S MAIN STREET: U.S. HIGHWAY 99, The Stories is a collection of stories by people who lived in the towns. The forest, or on agricultural land along the Highway as it passed through Oregon. They tell of where the people lived, worked, or shared experiences during many of the great and dramatic happenings of the last hundred years. From builders of the road, the survivors of the great depression, two World Wars, women in the work force, the coming of the automobile, electricity and all the developments in farming, transporting, and business.

These are only a few of the hundreds of stories out there but they do help paint the pictures of Oregon’s growth and development by the people who lived through all of it. Like the people who were connected by the road, it changed names as it grew and aged from the early native American and animal trails to wagon, stage, and automobile-from the track to Pacific Highway to U.S. Highway 99 and then to whatever name the local communities use but it is still Highway 99 and maintained by the State of Oregon and the people who live here.

In some places the highway itself has moved, been buried by Interstate 5 or by-passed a town but the connection is still there for those choose to use it and those who depend on it. There are even some of the special places from the past scattered along the road for those who have an interest or want a slower pace than the Freeway.

  During the growing-up years, including those during World War II, Jo-Anne had an amazing amount of independence; the freedom of a bicycle, a vivid imagination and a love of reading. Those fundamentals encouraged her to believe there was a way to accomplish almost anything she wanted to work for.

It still calls on her to begin a new project, or try a new route, maybe even to a new destination.


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  Anne Marie, a teacher, musician, gourmet cook and a woman of the senses, is retiring to spend more time with Robert. She had been widowed once and doesn’t want to miss another opportunity to enjoy companionship.

Without experiencing children of her own, she was unprepared to suddenly contemplate assuming a parental role for Robert’s grandchildren. She barely knew the children, they didn’t fit with the life she had planned but she couldn’t walk away.

It takes a Disneyland moment of self discovery for her to find a road to the life she wants.

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 Athletic and high energy Marge, once widowed, with a brain damaged grown daughter, retires before she is ready. Her second husband, Ben, is recovering from a stroke which limits his physical abilities and fills him with resentment he centers on Marge although he needs her help. After another, and more damaging stroke, she is faced with full time care giving for a man who seems to actively dislike her. In desperation she agrees to have Ben's daughter move in to help with his care.

As Ben's anger continues to grow, Marge loses her ill daughter and grieves alone. She realizes she can't carry Ben's burden by herself and he will need to help fund his own care. When she takes a stand, he is cornered into making a surprise move of his own. As she begins hesitant steps toward following her own dream, he moves ahead.

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  What Next, Ms. Elliott? is the story of Ruth Elliott, a widow with a desire to turn retirement into a fulfilling new life. To achieve her goal, she first must deal with a generational family crisis, a thwarted romance, and many dark secrets. Summoned to take charge of her dying mother's care and business affairs, Ruth grows in new directions with the responsibility. She discovers the secret of her mother's desertion and develops new understanding of her parents, her drug-addicted daughter, Rachel, and herself. Ruth learns how to fit all the pieces together and finally leaves her cocoon behind.

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